How do I register on the site?

Complete the registration form.
Upload or send via e-mail the copies of:

  • Passport or ID card

For legal entities will also need:

  • Company registration document
  • VAT document (if available)

Activate your account: go to the page using the link in the e-mail you received.

How do I know your site is credible?
  • The Contact Us page lists AutoDeal’s physical addresses. You are welcome to visit any of our offices.
  • Contact us directly if you need any additional information.
Why do I have to register on the website?

Registration formalizes the rights and obligations of both contractual parties.

How much does registration cost?

Registration is free.

Do I need to have a balance in my account to participate in the auctions?

No, you are not required to make any deposits in order to participate in auctions.

How long does it take to register?

Once we receive the necessary documents, your account will be activated within one business day.

Why do you need my passport information and how will it be used?

Your passport details are required for identity verification and billing purposes.

Why do you require the copies of my passport pages and other documents?

These documents are required to verify the information you have provided and to avoid any possible errors in our documentation.

How do I log in?

Use the e-mail address you entered when completing the registration form and the password sent to you by e-mail.

I was unable to log in. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot password link to reset it and then follow the instructions.

Participating in auctions

What are the different types of auctions?

«Buy Now» — Purchase the vehicle immediately at the listed price.

«Classic Auction» — Bids are visible to all auction participants. The minimum increment for bid increases is EUR 100.

«Blind Auction» — Your bid is not visible to other participants. The highest bidder wins the auction.

Auction types can be combined, so you can choose the most convenient way of making your purchase.

«Hot Bid» tag means that any bid on any of the cars extends the time of the auction.Hot bid

«Overtime» tag indicates that by placing a bid on a vehicle, the auction period will be extended.

«Final Call» tag indicates that vehicles are sold one-by-one, starting with the first vehicle in the auction. Any bid that is made extends the auction period for the given vehicle.Final CallFinal Call

I’ve completed the registration form. Why am I still unable to bid in auctions?

It is possible that you completed the registration form on our website but that we have not received all of the required documents.

What are the differences between accounts for private individuals and legal entities?

Legal entities registered in the EU with a valid VAT number are not required to pay VAT upon purchase.

How can I use your website to find the right vehicle?

Use the filters at the left to select your search criteria.

Save your search criteria.

You can also set up automatic e-mail notifications for new vehicles matching your saved search criteria:

  • Go to Email Notifications
  • Check the box Add new vehicle matching my saved search criteria


What is the Automatic Bid Increase feature and how does it work?

You can specify a maximum bid amount and have your bid increased automatically if another auction participant outbids your current bid. You can also set different maximum bids for specific vehicles.

How do I use the My Purchases section of my account?
  • Check the status of the purchased vehicle;
  • Print out purchase orders, invoices, pick-up forms;
  • View your bidding history.
How do I edit my personal details and set up e-mail notifications?

Simply click on your name (hyperlink) in your profile.

How do I view the status of the vehicle I have purchased?

Go to «My Purchases» Here the vehicle will be listed with one of the following statuses:

FAVOURITE CARS – the vehicles you have bookmarked

MY BIDS – the vehicles you have bid on

EXPECTED CONFIRMATION – the vehicles that require the supplier's confirmation before they can be sold at your proposed price. If the supplier accepts your bid within three working days, the vehicle’s status changes to ORDER PROCESSING; otherwise, the vehicle’s status changes to LOST.

ORDER PROCESSING – when the current status of the vehicle is ORDER PROCESSING, you will need to complete the appropriate form within 24 hours to place your order. An invoice will then be generated.

PAYMENT – these are the vehicles for which you need to make payment within 2 working days of placing your order. Once payment has been received and the amount is credited to the AutoDeal account, the status of the vehicle changes to WAITING FOR DELIVERY.

PREPARING WAITING FOR DELIVERY – vehicles with pending paperwork that are awaiting delivery.

YOU MAY PICK UP – vehicles ready to be handed over the buyer that must be picked up within 14 days, unless otherwise indicated.

UPLOAD DOCUMENTS – the vehicles have been handed over to the buyer. The next step is to upload the delivery documents or documents confirming the export.

LOST – the vehicle auctions in which you were the highest bidder but for which the supplier refused the bid.

If a fixed price is listed, can I still offer a lower price?

For auctions with a fixed price and that allow bidding, you can make a bid that is lower than the fixed price. The supplier decides whether to accept or refuse the bid.

Why was the auction period extended?

Auctions listed with the Hot Bid tag allow for the auction to be extended after the originally stated auction period has ended. The amount of extra time depends on the intensity of bidding. A Hot Bid period can end at any moment, after which no more bids are accepted.

I won an auction. Does this mean that I have bought the vehicle?

If the seller accepts your bid, you are the vehicle’s purchaser. If the supplier refuses the bid, the purchase is cancelled.

I am the winner of the auction and the seller has accepted my bid. What’s the next step?

You need to place your purchase order by filling out the appropriate form within 24 hours, pay for the vehicle within 2 working days and then wait for the status of the vehicle to change to READY FOR DELIVERY.

What happens after the auction?

After the auction has ended, all participants will be notified of the final decision. Under My purchases in the winner’s account, the vehicle’s status changes to EXPECTED CONFIRMATION.

Can I see the bids made by other participants?

You can see the bids made by other participants in open auctions. If an auction is closed, participants can only see their own bids.

Can I cancel a bid?

No, bids cannot be cancelled.


How do I pay for the vehicle?
Please transfer the total amount due to our bank account within 48 hours of issuing your purchase order. Make sure to specify the vehicle’s ID or VIN number in the payment-details section.
When can I pick up the vehicle I have purchased?

Once the vehicle has been delivered and all the necessary paperwork is complete, the vehicle’s status changes to READY FOR DELIVERY. The vehicle must be picked up between 7 and 28 days after payment depending on its location and the time needed by the supplier to prepare the documents.

When will I receive the vehicle’s registration certificate?

If the vehicle registration certificate is not handed over to you along with the vehicle, it will be sent to you in the mail once documents confirming that the vehicle has been delivered to the final destination have been received.

What should I do if I discover defects that were not disclosed in the vehicle description?

In this case, you will need to file a claim. Our professional staff will review your claim and notify you regarding their decision.

Can I cancel the purchase of the vehicle?

No, users are not entitled to cancel bids for vehicles after an auction has ended. Once a bid is made, the user enters into a legally binding agreement.

If a user refuses to pay for the vehicle won in an auction, the user will be charged a penalty and their account will be deactivated. A user’s right to participate in future auctions is thereby revoked. Reactivating an account is solely at the discretion of AutoDeal and will only be considered once the user has paid all relevant penalties.

What is a regional levy?

A regional levy is a compulsory levy payable by the buyer to the seller. The levy amount depends on the country in which the vehicle is offered for sale and on the buyer's country of residence.

Do I need to pay VAT?

Legal entities registered in the EU with a valid VAT number do not pay VAT upon purchase.

Only EU citizens are subject to pay VAT upon purchase of a vehicle (except for vehicles tagged with Margin).

Persons registered outside the EU are not subject to pay VAT when purchasing vehicles.

Do the prices listed on the site include VAT?

The price is listed excluding VAT, in each vehicle’s price-details section.

Where do I pay VAT?

Cars are subject to VAT under the laws of the country of the marketing department. Cars exported outside the EU are not subject to VAT.

What does Margin mean?

Cars tagged with Margin indicate a special arrangement for registering a vehicle whereby no VAT is added to its price.

Delivery and Formalization

Where can I have my purchased vehicle delivered?

The available delivery options appear on the particular vehicle’s page.

How much does it cost to ship the vehicle?

The cost of shipping depends on the destination and the vehicle’s size.

How long does it take to ship the vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle’s location, it can take between 7 and 28 days upon receipt of payment for the vehicle to be delivered.

Can the vehicle be delivered to my city?

Yes, select your city from the list of available cities when placing your order.

Can I pick up the vehicle from the supplier myself?

No, AutoDeal picks up the vehicle from the supplier and hands it over to the buyer because, as a broker, we assume all liability on behalf of the buyer for the vehicle purchased in the auction.

Are the vehicles listed in the auctions customs-cleared?

No, all customs duties are paid by the buyer.

Can I request an export declaration, insurance policy, temporary license plates or vehicle inspection from AutoDeal?

Yes, when placing your order you can make use of various additional services for a fee.


About us

AutoDeal.com is a car auction.

AutoDeal is one of Europe’s premier online platforms for used car and van sales. It is a virtual meeting place for potential buyers and vehicle traders. We help buyers find the right vehicle and sellers find the right buyer. Our main goal is to make the entire process easy, secure and reliable for buyers and sellers all over Europe. All of the vehicles sold at auction come from reputable manufacturers, banks, leasing companies and fleet agencies. AutoDeal handles every stage of the auction process: from assistance with vehicle selection right through to delivery of the vehicle to the buyer’s home. The transaction process is virtually risk-free for sellers, and buyers can rest assured that the thousands of used vehicles sold at auction are of the highest quality. Once a vehicle is sold at auction, we manage the entire transaction between buyer and seller and charge the lowest commissions on the market. So buyers find the best second hand cars at great prices, and traders maximise their revenues.


Advantages of buying a vehicle on AutoDeal:

  • Selection –more than 5,000 vehicles listed each week. Our detailed search features and different auction types help you find the right vehicle at the right price
  • Low commissions and transparent prices
  • Comprehensive documentation – all service and maintenance records readily available
  • High-quality photographs of the interior and exterior of all vehicles
  • Delivery logistics – you tell us where you want the vehicle delivered or picked up. We handle the rest

Sign up at our site now for free and participate in the auctions with the maximum benefit!


You will be presented one or more delivery options on the page of the specific vehicle. 

Delivery by AutoDeal

Simply contact our logistics department to determine the cost of delivery and specify the destination.

Preparation and delivery by your shipping carrier

Specify the driver's name, shipping carrier and trailer numbers in the PickUp. Attest PickUp and send to logistic@autodeal.com 24 hours prior to issuance. The car is only issued on presentation of a PickUp-attested document.

Pick up at the AutoDeal logistics centre

You can also use additional services for a fee: temporary license plates, insurance policies, filing of export declaration, vehicle inspection.

If you have a third party pick up the car on your behalf, please indicate his/her name in the PickUp, certify the document and send it to logistic@autodeal.com at least 24 hours prior to handover. The car will only be handed over upon presentation of a PickUp and certificate of delivery CoD.