Autodeal car auction is the most simple and advantageous process for dealers to buy ex-lease vehicles

How to buy a car on Autodeal


Choose a car

Choose a car with the filters at the left, or use the list of auctions..

Save search results and get notifications of new cars that match your search criteria.


Win the auction

Make the highest bid to win.

In case you win the auction, the car goes under the "WAITING FOR CONFIRMATION" status, and your bid goes to the provider (leasing company).


Get the seller's decision

In case the seller agrees, within 3 working days, to sell the car at your price, the car is considered won, so it goes under the "ORDER PROCESSING" status.

In case your bid is refused, the car goes under the "LOST" status.


Process your order

Process your order within a day. When ordering, choose the most convenient delivery method and indicate the country of destination for the purchased car. Thereafter, the payment account is created, and the car goes under the PAYMENT status.

In case you are going to pick up the car by yourself, then order temporary license plates and insurance during registration.


Pay the bill

You have to pay the bill within 2 working days using our bank account.

As soon as we receive the payment, we start preparing the car for the issuance or delivery from the country of domicile. The invoice is created, and the car goes under the WAITING FOR DELIVERY status.


Get the car

When the car is ready, it goes under the READY FOR DELIVERY status. Documents authorizing the pick-up are created. You need to print and present them at the pick-up.

In case you are going to pick up the car by yourself, you will need a Pick Up. In case you are going to pick up the car with your transport company, they will need a Pick Up and CMR filled out by your driver.


Get the car registration certificate

In case registration certificate was not issued at the time of issuance of the car, then you need to load a document proving the delivery of the vehicle to the destination. Then AutoDeal sends you the car registration certificate by mail.