High-quality cars only

Thank to our extensive experience in the used vehicle market and long-term cooperation with leading leasing companies, we have the opportunity to auction only high-quality vehicles.

For to make you sure about that, we will provide you with:

  • All service documents and maintenance history from the leasing company to prove the mileage and to confirm that maintenance and repair of each vehicle was performed in a timely fashion and only by authorised service centres.
  • A detailed damage report including all the tiny flaws (chips, scratches, wear of rubber, etc.) so that you could work out a more complete picture of the condition of the car.


Collaboration with leading companies

AutoDeal cooperates with more than 100 major leasing companies throughout Europe. In our auction you can buy cars at competitive prices from Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Italy and other countries.

Over 10 years of experience

Our experts are engaged in selling used cars for over 10 years. All our experience and detailed understanding of the business allowed us to create the most convenient platform for trading in used cars.

In order to make purchase of the car that would be the most profitable, fast and comfortable for you, we took into account all the important points: from providing all the service documentation for cars to organizing convenient delivery by specialists of AutoDeal.


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